TBWA\Chiat\Day Builds Agency to Pitch Nissan

By Andrew McMains

NEW YORK -- Nissan North America's search for an agency to handle African American advertising for Nissan and Infiniti is expected to conclude this week.

Among the contenders is a new shop aligned with Nissan's lead U.S. agency, TBWA\Chiat\Day, sources said.

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Transculturalism: How the World Is Coming Together

Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments:

Transculturalism goes beyond race, religion, sexual ity, class, and every sort of classification known to sociologists and marketers. Transculturalists lead lives some may consider unusual. They often think, consume, date, or marry outside of their race, religion, or nationality. They travel on a whim to a faraway lands, dress unconventionally and codify their own styles. They live in areas their parents were once barred from and take jobs previously considered outside of their leagues. They are comfortable listening to, creating, and criticizing music outside of their original cultures and often display high levels of creativity in various progressive disciplines. Some call transculturalists heretics; many call them the future.

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Nissan North America and the True Agency Receive Effie Award for the Black Experience Campaign

NEW YORK, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- NY

Nissan North America (NNA) and the TRUE Agency, an advertising and marketing shop specialized in targeting Transcultural(TM) markets, received a silver EFFIE Award for the Black Experience campaign at last night's EFFIE Awards ceremony hosted by the New York chapter of the American Marketing Association. Black Experience was the only campaign to receive an award in the EFFIE's newly created African-American category.

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World Nomads: Talks

Claude Grunitzky on Transculturalism

In May, FIAF launches World Nomads , a series that examines the cross-cultural exchange of ideas,artistic expression, and style. This transcultural journey begins in contemporary Africa bringing artists together for engaging programs considering Africa's cultural impact on France and the rest of the world.

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Trace Completes LMBO

Paris - TRACE, the international group of urban media, announces the completion of an LMBO conducted by its management team in associa tion with 2 investment funds: Citizen Capital and Entrepreneur Venture.

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Transculturalism in Culture,
Media and Politics

By: Richard A. Wayner

Nothing was more evident from the 2012 election than the urgent need for a new way to communicate with transcultural America. The Democratic convention was manifestly more transcultural than the Republican convention. Their campaign language was transcultural, bridging racial and ethnic divides; the Romney campaign not so.

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